History of locks

Locks and keys were first used in ancient Egypt, approximately 4,000 years ago. They were made of wood and quite primitive to today’s eyes, but even these locks already had a latching character. Already in ancient Rome, locking devices were used that could only be opened with multi-toothed keys.

At the time, people were carrying their keys in prominent places (neck or belt) for two reasons as well. On the one hand, it was a status symbol, because it was assumed that if someone had a key around their neck, they could certainly have plenty of wealth if they all had to keep it locked, on the other hand, it also provided security. People knew that it was not worth breaking into someone who came home with a key hanging around his neck, because it was almost impossible to open the lock without the key. A real breakthrough came when locks began to be made of brass, as this was already suitable for series production.

The twist-lock was invented in the eighteenth century and continues to be the basis of our lock structures to this day. American inventor and mechanical engineer Linus Yale invented the locking device where the doorknob can open the lock. He invented and patented the cylinder lock in 1861, (Selesch Locksmith Munich recommends that its proper maintenance not be neglected, otherwise the cylinder lock will break down much sooner). Then the latch and the sensor locks were also invented.  It was a huge breakthrough when James Sargent invented the key changeable combination lock in 1873, Selesch Locksmith Munich also recommends this  type of lock but do not forget to maintain or replace it properly before the problem occurs.

 Nowadays we can find a lot of electronic locks, we can open the door with the help of our cellphone, or access the office with an access card at our workplace, and we can only get into the bank by pulling our credit card through the main entrance door, which then opens. The Selesch Locksmith Munich does not deal with electronic locks, because they are very easy to hack, so we cannot guarantee security. We at Selesch Locksmith Munich observed that 50% of the callers got into trouble because the key is left inside the lock and the person requesting help is still stuck outside, so we at Selesch Locksmith Munich also undertake to replace locks.