Why do we need to replace our old locks?

According to the recommendation

According to the recommendation of the Selesch Locksmith Ottobrunn, the lock should be replaced before the fault occurs. Unfortunately, the locks are also true of Murphy’s Law and sooner or later they break down, after all, we use them multiple times every day. We, the Selesch Locksmith Ottobrunn, are replacing the locks with safer ones, but when should they be replaced? It is worth replacing our locks every 4-5 years, so we can prevent the problem from happening and the new locks also promise greater security than their predecessors, and safety is paramount. It is worth replacing the lock even if we have left our key, as we cannot know who will find it. If we move to a new house, it is also recommended to change the lock, because we do not know whether the previous owner or tenant may have kept a key or copied a key.

For the same reasons, it is worth replacing the lock in our house even after a breakup or divorce, thus increasing our security. The Selesch Locksmith Ottobrunn suggests that once you hear the lock click during use, you can already take it as a cry for help that it’s time to replace it. It can also be considered a cry for help if the lock gets stuck and becomes much harder to turn. In these cases, there is nothing to wait for and a specialist must be called immediately and invested in a lock exchange. It is not worth postponing this intervention, otherwise, we may receive the situation with great surprise when we stand in front of the front door and find that our lock has surrendered.

Of course, in the case of interior doors, we can postpone the matter, but in the case of the front door and the patio door, this intervention should not be left out, especially if the signs of an emergency call have already appeared. We at Selesch Locksmith Ottobrunn have also encountered the common mistake that replacing the lock insert solves the problem, in fact, we recommend replacing the entire lock mechanism to guarantee maximum safety. According to Selesch Locksmith Ottobrunn, when replacing a lock, modernization is also a priority, it is safer to replace the more obsolete lock with a more modern one because the more modern a lock is, the harder it is to break and the more secure it is, and the older it is.

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