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Au-Haidhausen is the 5th district of the Bavarian capital, Munich, where our company Schlüsseldienst Au-Haidhausen also operates. Au-Haidhausen is located on the eastern side of Isar, at 4.22 km². Our company, Schlüsseldienst Au-Haidhausen, operates in all districts of Munich. Au and Haidhausen used to be hostels for commercial workers and day labourers outside Munich’s medieval city walls. There was an unusual number of breweries and consumption halls in the area, as there were good places on the right side of the Isar for deep wells and storage cellars.

Hence the name “Keller” for large breweries. Both formerly independent settlements entered the city of Munich on October 1 in 1854 and developed into suburbs under the Gründerzeit. Despite the fact that the structures of the buildings in Au were badly damaged during World War II, and only one-fifth of the buildings before 1919 still stand today, the historic cityscape of Haidhausen has remained largely intact. Most of the jobs in the district are in the service industries and hospitality industry.The district consists of six areas: Maximilianeum, Steinhausen, Haidhausen-Nord, Haidhausen-Süd, Obere Au and Untere Au.

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Schlüsseldienst Au-Haidhausen is also available here for those who need our services. Haidhausen is home to the Bavarian State Parliament. Karl Valentin, a Munich comedian, folk singer, writer and film producer, grew up in Au. According to 2020 data, Au-Haidhausen boasts 62,353 people and our company, Schlüsseldienst Au-Haidhausen, is available to all 62,353 people if they need our help.

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