Berg am Laim

Berg am Laim

Selesch Schlüsseldienst Berg am Laim

Berg am Laim is the 14th district of the Bavarian capital Munich, where our company Schlüsseldienst Berg am Laim also operates. Since the reorganization in 1992, Berg am Laim has been one of the smallest districts in Munich in terms of population. Berg am Laim is not the same as Laim, the 25th district of Munich, ten kilometers west. The Schlüsseldienst Berg am Laim is also available here for those who need our services. Berg am Laim is located in the eastern part of Munich, between Haidhausen in the west, Trudering in the east, Ramersdorf in the south and Bogenhausen in the north.

Our company, Schlüsseldienst Berg am Laim, operates in and around all districts of Munich. Berg am Laim is first mentioned in a document as “ad Perke” on April 23, 812, and the addition of “am Laim” is first mentioned in a document written in 1430. The term Laim in German today means “clay”. Since 1996, Berg am Laim has been the center of Munich’s nightlife for almost two decades. Berg am Laim covers an area of ​​about 6.3 km² and is home to 46,915 people and our company, Schlüsseldienst Berg am Laim, is available to all 46,915 people if they need help.

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This means a population density of 7430 inhabitants / km². In the 1950s and 1960s, three companies, involved in an extensive housing construction program, today the area around Grafinger Strasse, Schluesselbergstrasse and Altöttinger Strasse is full of social housing. Construction was completely completed in the early 1970s. These homes are often equipped with poor quality locks. Never forget safety first! If you have lock problems, you can count on Schlüsseldienst Berg am Laim for help.

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