Opening a slammed door

Opening a slammed door

Selesch Schlüsseldienst

How do we exclude ourselves?

According to the observations of the Schlüsseldienst München, this is usually a problem with door knobs. These doors are usually only openable from the outside if we have a key for the lock, as in this case the function of the handle is performed by the key. So if we get out of the apartment and the door slams behind us and we don’t have a key, ask the Schlüsseldienst Munich for help.

How can this be avoided?

The clearest solution is to always carry a key with us when we leave the apartment. Keeping a spare key somewhere outside the apartment can be a big help if we haven’t left the key in the lock inside. This problem can be avoided if the door is propped up, although this is only recommended by the Schlüsseldienst München if the door is kept in mind and we see if someone wants to go through it.

Why is the door slamming?

The wind can slam it, we may be so hurried and inattentive that we forget to carry a key. If we just take the trash down, we often forget to bring a key with us.


If trouble happens and the Schlüsseldienst München staff arrives on the scene, they will try to return the locking tongue with a small special tool and then the door will open. The key question is how big the door gap is. If the gap is very small, we may need to drill the lock or drill a hole in the door.

Do not try to open the door ourselves!

Obviously, everyone wants to solve the problem on their own, but in the experience of the Schlüsseldienst München, this will only cause more material damage. Let our specialists do the task, so you will not cause more damage and you can be sure that your door is in good hands.

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