Tools and techniques we use to open doors

Tools and techniques we use to open doors

Selesch Schlüsseldienst

There are many ways to open a door, and our company, Schlüsseldienst Selesch Sendling, also knows and uses a lot of door opening techniques. Our customers mostly use our door opening services if the old, poor quality locks are broken. This situation is usually accompanied by the fact that the occupant of the house is unable to go home or is just stuck in the apartment due to the bad lock. In this case, the most important thing is to stay calm and call a specialist from the Schlüsseldienst Selesch Sendling. Schlüsseldienst Selesch Sendling has the most modern and professional door opening devices and helps its customers with them.

It boasts a very wide range of equipment and makes it perfectly feasible to open the door without damage. One of our most important tools is the key extractor. Its name also shows the essence of the tool so that the broken key can be taken out of the lock without damaging the lock. The tips of the device are interchangeable depending on the size and type of lock. The hook-shaped tip is the most commonly used, as it is the easiest way to remove a broken key tip. We also use a milling cutter that specializes in cylinder locks. With the help of the special spherical cutter, we can remove the entire cylinder lock extremely quickly, so we can replace it sooner. After removing the cylinder, the door can be opened immediately using the universal key we use.

It is a professional metal device that is also used in different sizes depending on the type of lock. We at Schlüsseldienst Selesch Sendling also use a door lock spatula to make it easier to open the swing doors. The door lifter is also an important part of our toolbox, the door lifter is an easy-to-use tool for lifting doors and is useful in a lot of situations. The master key set is an essential accessory for almost every locksmith’s toolbox, including the Schlüsseldienst Selesch Sendling. Overall, Schlüsseldienst Selesch Sendling is constantly monitoring the innovations in the field of devices used to open locks and we always use devices that speed up the door opening process so our customers do not have to wait long for the door opening process and Schlüsseldienst Selesch Sendling works for low prices.

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