Why don’t we deal with car unlocking and key copying?

Why don’t we deal with car unlocking and key copying?

The answer can be surprisingly simple

Key copying – The answer can be surprisingly simple, with car unlocking locksmith companies striving to be able to remedy car lock problems without any injury. Very few people are in the possession of this professional knowledge. The reason why we at Schlüsseldienst München do not deal with car opening is that we are not the best in this and our customers do not require us to deal with it either. We do our best for door locks, window and door insulation, and our calls also visit our company, Schlüsseldienst München, for these reasons.

We train ourselves so our company can be the best in what our customers ask for and this is not car opening and not car lock repair. To open the car, special tools are required, for which a suitably experienced specialist must be employed who can use them. We do not buy these types of tools, we buy the ones that we can provide as much as possible in our field to those who ask for our help, and our specialists also specialized in this.

Of course, the best in car opening is the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club). We at Schlüsseldienst München recommend them if you have a car opening problem and want a professional, damage-free solution. In terms of key copying, the answer is a bit complicated. We at Schlüsseldienst München do not have business premises, we provide a mobile locksmith service, so due to the lack of business premises, there is no place where the customer can come to us with the need for key copying and use this service method.

In addition, key copying is a huge market, with plenty of key copying shops in and around Munich. For this reason, there would also be huge competition if we were to deal with this, not to mention spending. Anyone who does key copying usually has business premises, raw keys that they turn into the key they want to copy, and the tools too. None of these items listed is cheap, and our company prefers to do what we are the best in, opening doors, replacing locks, window and door insulation.


We don’t even deal with key copying because we simply can’t verify that the key is the property of the person who wants to copy it. There is a burglary almost every day so that the person gets their friend’s key for a few hours and then the person who had the key takes it to a key copier. Later, the burglar returns the original key to the original owner and, a few weeks later, commits the burglary in possession of the copied keys.

If we were to deal with key copying, we would not be able to verify who owns that key, so we could be complicit. We usually also recommend people that if they lend someone their key, they should rather replace the lock for security. In summary, our company Schlüsseldienst München does not deal with these situations because we are not the best in this, but in door opening, lock replacement, window and door insulation we are the best.

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